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Block Walls / Masonry

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From garden to retaining walls, pavers, mortarless systems, we can build the type of block walls you need.

Garden walls are up to two feet, and can also be used as a retaining wall.
We can use a poured concrete cap, stone, brick, or any combination for that special look.
The walls can be precision, slump stone or split face with a multitude of colors. Some new products available now are Belgard and Castle Stone that do not require mortar or footings, and have the look of old European stone.
Block walls that are three feet or higher require permits. Three feet to six require standard engineering that is “boiler plate” and is free through the Cities and counties. Walls over 6’, privacy or retaining require special engineering. We can get most engineering in about a week, and the price will vary to the scope of the project. We can give you an idea of cost when we review the job site.
Walls can be stuccoed, or veneered with stack stone or river rock. Retaining walls are painted on the back side with a tar moisture sealer, then a French drain system for proper water drainage. Water retained against the wall can cause enough pressure that will damage or cause the wall to fail.

A French drain is a pea rock gravel base approximately one foot by one foot with a leach line to carry the water away from the wall and into the yard drains.

Efflorescence is the white powdery substance that you sometimes get on damp areas of concrete or masonry. It is the salts that were not bonded in the hydration process that are coming to the surface as small crystals. Efflorescence is a normal process and has nothing to do with the quality of the materials or installation. It can be easily cleaned with a mild acid and a rag. Muriatic acid works fine in a diluted form.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our friendly staff will be glad to answer your questions and give you detailed information on our block wall and masonry services and products. Click on the link below to get started today!

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