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Landscaping in Southern California can be a challenge. Southern California is an area of many micro climates. In any given thirty mile radius you can have desert, coastal tropical, mountain, grassy meadow or an infinite combination.Shortage of water is a growing problem in this area of California and some say it will get worse. Xeriscape or low water usage landscaping are being encouraged by the cities and counties. These systems use native plants or plants and trees from similar environments that require little water and maintenance. The new water delivery systems use computerized timers to bring the right amount of water to the plant. The new sprinkler heads minimize aerosoling the water to lessen evaporation. Rotors, drippers, sprayers to list just a few are used in these new systems. The old “rain bird” systems are a thing of the past.

Artificial turf is becoming very popular and is an excellent solution for water conservation as well as saving fuel and minimizing air pollution from lawn maintenance equipment. The synthetic grass can be used for putting greens or landscape turf.

Prime Builders can design and install the yard of your dreams, from the hard scape to trees, grass, plants, and irrigation systems. Consultations are free and drawings are always included free in the construction contracts.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our friendly staff will be glad to answer your questions and give you detailed information on our landscaping services and products. Click on the link below to get started today!

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